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wildlife cameraBest Game Scouting Camera for 2018

Finding the Best Trail Camera in 2018 can represent one of the best moments to familiarize yourself with the main features of the devices. Trail cameras came a long way from their beginnings and are now more sophisticated and better connected than ever before.

One of the main reasons to take your time in choosing the best trail camera comes with learning the most important features which will make the difference both in terms of performance and in terms of budget.

There are many types of trail cameras to choose from, regardless of your budget. If you will want to choose the best camera, you will need to look for some of the latest technologies which can improve the images and the usability of the camera. However, if you decide to invest in a top range trail camera, you should also ensure it comes with top protection as well since you want to avoid the device being stolen. So which are the most important features you need to look for?  Read our Trail Camera Reviews to find the best camera for your needs.

Have a specific budget in mind?  Check out our top picks based on price:

Top 5 Trail Cameras on the Market

Cuddeback CuddeLink Trail Camera

trail camerasThe Cuddeback CuddeLink Trail Camera comes with a compact design which can be a good solution for many situations. It is based on a potent 20MP sensor and it manages to offer one of the impressive results when it comes to picture quality. Powered by 12 AA batteries, it can be a good solution for an entire season as it is capable to deliver thousands of pictures with a single set of batteries. As the low-cost solution from the manufacturer, it manages to offer one of the simplest and most efficient solutions in its class.


  • 20MP sensor
  • Compact design
  • Digital display


  • Requires 12 AA batteries

The trail camera thus manages to offer one of the recommended solutions when it comes to a modern design. Even more, it is a top solution when you consider an affordable option and this is why it can be one of the best options for many users. Even more, it manages to offer impressive results for those who want to manage quality pictures with an affordable camera.

Bushnell 24MP Trophy Cam HD No Glow Trail Camera

trail camThe Bushnell 24MP Trophy Cam HD No Glow Trail Camera is one of the potent solutions on the market. It offers an impressive recovery rate and one of the best sensors for impressive pictures. With a solid design, it manages to offer one of the top performing options on the market. Its impressive 0.2 seconds trigger speed recommends it for any type of situation. Even more, the camera manages to offer a detection range of up to 100 feet, which makes it a good solution for open spaces.


  • 24MP sensor
  • 100 feet range
  • 2 seconds trigger speed


  • Not for beginners

With such an impressive list of characteristics, the trail cam manages to offer a great response when it comes to a range. With a detection range of up to 100 feet, it is a great solution when it comes to detecting all types of subjects. Even more, with a fast trigger speed of 0.2 seconds, it manages to offer a great response to those who want to capture every frame. The camera also comes with a distinct camo design which makes it one of the modern solutions on the market.

Browning STRIKE FORCE ELITE BTC5HDE Trail Game Camera

best trail cameraThe Browning STRIKE FORCE ELITE BTC5HDE Trail Game Camera offers one of the recommended solutions for HD images. With photo and video capabilities, the camera can represent one of the top solutions when it comes to a potent design which is easy to use and which can be seen among the top options on the market. Even more, the camera comes with a popular 10MP sensor for the best images. With SD card compatibility, it proves to be one of the solutions which are easy to use.


  • 10MP sensor
  • SD memory card compatibility
  • Camo design


  • 55 feet detection range

If you need the best trail camera and want to cover smaller areas, the device can represent a recommended solution. With instant data storage using an SD card, you can have quick access to the images on the camera. The memory card is sold separately though. The camera comes with a durable design which can be used outside on any type of weather.

Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo Trail Game Camera STC-G42NG

top rated trail camsThe Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo Trail Game Camera STC-G42NG is based on a quality 10MP sensor. With good responsiveness within 0.5 seconds, it can capture any type of fast-moving subject. Even more, the device offers the Burst Mode functionality which allows it to capture up to 9 consecutive pictures for a better understanding of your target. With the Secure Passwords safety, it is also one of the future-proof solutions as well.


  • 10MP sensor
  • Burst Mode
  • 5 seconds trigger speed


  • Not time-lapse function

If you need a device which can be safely secured with a password for protected pictures, it can be one of the great solutions on the market. Even more, it manages to offer one of the best solutions when it comes to a design which is easy to work with as it comes with intuitive buttons’ deisgn.

Moultrie M-888i Mini Game Camera

best game cameraThe Moultrie M-888i Mini Game Camera comes with a modern 14MP sensor. The device comes with the distinct camo design which makes it a good solution when it comes to a modern look. Even more, the camera has a fast trigger speed of just 0.7 seconds. With HD video capabilities, it can represent a top solution for any type of situation.


  • 7 seconds trigger speed
  • HD video capabilities
  • 14MP sensor


  • Wireless option sold separately

The camera manages to be a promising solution, especially if you see it as a long-term solution. Even more, it can even be accessed wirelessly so that you can receive the pictures directly on your mobile phone. However, the compatibility device is sold separately. With a fast response, the camera can be a good solution for many types of subjects.


With great functionalities, the best game cameras can offer a great experience with good photos and videos for many users. They come as a reliable solution for added understanding on your subjects, but not all the devices are up to today’s standards.

The Cuddeback CuddeLink Trail Camera (CHECK BEST PRICE HERE) is the best solution for most users as it comes with an affordable price and the smallest design from the manufacturer. Its compact size is perfect when it comes to added camouflage. Even more, the camera manages to offer one of the top options for those who want to ensure the right solutions from the start.

This is where the 24MP sensor proves to be a potent solution. It delivers quality photos both during the day and during the night. With great images, you are thus able to see your subjects with great details, getting a thorough understanding on their habits. Powered by regular batteries, the camera can be seen as a durable solution as well.

Things to Look For When Buying a Hunting Trail Scouting Camera

Sensor and Image Quality

The sensor is the core of any camera. Trail cameras are no different and this is why you will need to consider the sensor as one of the most important characteristics of a good deer camera. The good news is that you can find various sensors which will work for all needs and for all budgets.

Is a bigger sensor better? Many users seem to be struggling with the issue of megapixels. But it is not necessarily the case where more megapixels lead to better images. Some cameras with low megapixels still get the edge in some situations such as in night time photography where their bigger design allows them to capture more light. But each manufacturer has a different sensor and this is why you will need to balance this feature and see what you can realistically expect in terms of image quality.

If you are unsure that you want to spend the most amount on a top sensor, you can compensate with a good flash which will get the brightness you want in the pictures, even though, you may not be having all the possible details with fewer megapixels.

The production cost of modern sensors remains high. This is why the final price of the trail camera will be affected by the quality of the sensor as it may represent the biggest expense in the manufacturing process. At the same time, together with the flash, the sensor can be the most important characteristic of a camera.

Rangegame cam

The range of a trail camera can represent a solid feature to guide your purchase. The range can vary from a few yards up to over 100 yards. But you will have to be realistic on what range performance you need. If you`re going to place the camera in a dense area with trees and bushes you may not get the full benefits of a long-distance performer. This is why you will need the long-distance cameras for larger open spaces which can be the perfect area to capture your subjects.

The range of the camera is also influenced by the range of the flash, especially in low light situations. You will also need to consider that the flash will usually cover larger distances and this is why you can have good brightness even when your subject is further away.

The range of the camera will also influence your pictures in terms of sharpness. It may be harder for a camera to focus on a subject which is further away. But with the modern technologies that come with trail cameras, this will become less of an issue.

Trigger Time

The trigger time plays a crucial role for trail cameras. While many devices can still come with a high trigger time, there are plenty of options to choose from which don`t need any improvements in terms of the shutter speed. This is why it will be important to consider faster triggering times, especially when you try to capture fast-moving subjects.

The trigger time can also make you miss an important shot and this is why you`ll need to find the right balance between the fast trigger and good image quality. There is no point in having a fast triggering speed if your focus or brightness is not at a decent level. Many cameras struggle in this area and this is why you will need to ensure the triggering time is up to standard as it can come as a great addition to a fantastic sensor.

The trigger time also needs to synchronize with a good flash which needs to respond in time to match the high speed of the shutter. The good news is that this will be done by the manufacturer and you won`t need to make any adjustments. The sole exception comes with the removable flashes where you can add your own flash. But these cameras are still quite rare and in most cases, they offer flashes from the same manufacturers which are adapted to your camera.

Flash and Infraredhunting camera

The flash is a very important characteristic of a trail camera. As it will play an essential role during night time when many animals begin to move, it is important to consider the flash as one of the top characteristics of a game scouting camera. Unlike many other options which are made as a marketing tool, the flash will provide the light you need to power those dark situations.

But there are a couple of options you can try and the good news is that there are plenty of options that include both technologies. One of them comes, of course, with the traditional flash. The other options come with the infrared flash which is invisible. So which one is better? The short answer is that there is no major advantage with the flashes. Both have their strong and weak points. The traditional flash can be seen by the subjects which can be scared and avoid the area altogether. The infrared flash comes with a red light which is visible on the game camera. The good news is that many manufacturers are looking for solutions to camouflage this light as much as possible.

But the range is also important with flash technology. The range of a flash can make the difference between a great shot and an unsuccessful attempt. This is why you will need to find the best solution for your camera early on when you can decide what type of flash you will use in the wilderness. The range of the flash can also vary from a few yards and up to over 100 yards. This will be a great base for your outdoor photo needs.

Video Capabilities

Modern trail cameras are up to date with the latest requirements from modern users. These requirements include video capabilities and the good news is that there are plenty of good options to choose from. A major issue with video remains the quality and the recording time. Although there are plenty HD options to choose from, there are also many cameras which are not focused on delivering good video quality. Video quality itself is subjective as not all users need top quality. But if you decide to purchase the best trail camera you need to expect good video qualities from such designs.

Recording time is still limited to a few seconds for most cameras. This is not necessarily a bad point with hunting scouting cameras as the files can be easily managed by the memory card and with transfer to your laptop. You also have to take into consideration that not all video-capable cameras come with sound recording. This is why you will need to ensure your trail camera comes with a microphone which can record sound if this feature is important to you. Beyond a point, sound recording can become not necessary. For example, if you constantly record subjects at an increased distance, it may be useless to couple this with sound recording.

Storagetrail cam reviews

The storage capacity of a trail camera can represent the weak point or the strong point of image handling. The good news is that most cameras come with large storage capacity. This capacity can record a few thousand pictures and the good news is that this will give you the opportunity to have multiple shots of your targets and you can even try recording a few pictures with the time lapse function which can give you a better understanding over a period of time.

There are multiple storage options to choose from which are usually based on an SD memory card but SDHC is still offered by some manufacturers. The good news is that this will be one of the top features to choose from when you will be working with a fast camera. Fast trail cameras need fast memory cards. Not many users know, but SD memory cards come with a class system which refers to the speed in which the card is able to save the image. For larger files which usually come with the cameras with more megapixels, you will need a higher class memory card.

If you are choosing a trail camera which comes with advanced functions such as time lapse or multi-shot modes, you will need to find a card which will be able to handle the increased flow of pictures. This is where you will need to read the users` manual which will explain everything you need to know about recommended storage.


Some modern cameras come with built-in screens. These screens can be a good addition for some users. They can offer a preview of the shots and it can represent a simple and handy addition which can save you time while transferring the files to a computer.

Most built-in screens use the LCD technology and the good news is that this will be a great addition in terms of proper color reproduction. If you are looking to save battery life, using a camera with a built-in screen may not be the best choice.

But can a screen be of real use to all users? Many users can go without a built-in screen. In most cases, you will only be able to assess pictures to their true quality on a PC. This is why the screen is not among the basic features of a trail camera, but it can represent a top addition which might justify the increased price you would pay for such a technology addition.

Protection Optionsdeer cameras for scouting wildlife

Since you might be spending a considerable amount of money on the top design of a trail camera, you might want to look for protection options. The good news is that some manufacturers offer different locking mechanisms which can protect your camera against theft.

Some of these mechanisms will not protect your camera against damage and this is why some manufacturers even offer different sheltering options for the top trail cameras. It will be up to you to camouflage your camera as best as possible as this can be one of the proven methods against theft.


The budget is an important characteristic in your purchasing decision. It has the power of putting you in an advantageous position where you can look for all of the major features to be included in your trail camera. But your budget also needs to be set according to your real needs. This is why choosing a design which is made for an entry-level market can represent a good option if you are planning to purchase multiple cameras to monitor an increased area. The good news is that affordable options can be a good choice for this situation although they may lack the advanced features of connectivity which would not require you to reach every camera to retrieve the memory card.

You will also need to keep in mind that you may need some other accessories as well such as locking mechanisms, memory cards or batteries. This is why you have to plan your budget accordingly. The more cameras you will buy the bigger these expenses will be and the truth is that most manufacturers don`t offer memory cards with their trail cameras and you will need to purchase them separately.

User Experience

The user experience is one of the least discussed topics around trail cameras. This is due to the fact that there was little innovation until a few years ago with these products. There are more manufacturers than ever before and the good news is that they will constantly fight to create better products and an improved user experience.

The good news is that this will play your advantage. You can now find trail cameras with built-in LCD screens. You can even find trail cameras which connect wirelessly and which don`t require your physical presence with the exception of battery changes.

There are constant efforts to minimize the settings of trail cameras as well. These settings can often seem complicated and might deter users from using the cameras at their highest potential. The good news is that the user experience is constantly improved and you can find that even top cameras can come with step by step setup which significantly improves the results and the time spent with the camera.

Connectivitybest trail cameras for scouting deer

The connectivity of the deer game cameras is one of the main areas of development over the past years. The good news is that this feature will see technologies such as Bluetooth or other wireless alternatives considerably improve the user experience and data transfer. If you are looking to maximize your efforts with data transfer without the hassle of constantly removing the memory cards, you will need to look for a camera which comes with wireless solutions.

Connectivity will become increasingly important when you will use multiple cameras. This is where you will need to save time if you want to make the most out of every opportunity. But can also mean that you will need some type of synchronization and this is offered by some manufacturers.

Handling multiple cameras from a single device is offered by some manufacturers. This is why it will be important to find the best solution in this case as all the data can be transferred to a single device. Many of these cameras use SIM card technology to achieve more freedom in terms of data transfer.

Battery Life

Battery life is an important characteristic of modern wildlife trail cameras. Although the quality of the batteries will influence this, so will the technologies of the camera. This means you`ll have the ability to choose a design which will work for your situation. Even as modern cameras come with a battery performance of a few thousand pictures, you will want to consider that some technologies will require more batteries. These technologies are the HD video capabilities, the larger sensors with increased megapixels and the connectivity technologies which might put increased pressure on the battery life.

  • Additional power supply

If you are looking for more energy efficiency, you can look for trail cameras which offer external power source connectivity. This means you will have the possibility of choosing a camera which can work for much longer than just a few thousand photos. The only impediment will be represented by the storage options and the good news is that you will have the ability to use multiple memory cards with some of these designs to maximize the storage capacity based on the improved energy efficiency.

  • Monitoring battery life

If you want to ensure you get the most out of your battery life and don’t end up with no battery power, you will need to monitor the battery life. This is primarily done physically, from the camera where you have an indicator for the low battery levels. Advanced cameras will allow you to monitor battery life from distance. But you will also be able to ensure a good battery life even with minimal monitoring.

The average camera on the market can take more than 10,000 pictures of a single battery pack. Usually, the batteries are changed once or twice per year for optimized wildlife cameras. But some functions such as time lapse can have a significant impact on the battery life.

Choosing the best trail camera is now easier than ever before due to all of the information on the technologies which allow the devices to perform at the highest level. The good news is that these devices will work for a wide range of subjects and in varied conditions which make them a versatile solution for your monitoring needs. If you are looking to find the best trail camera you will need to take your location into consideration.

It will be the first aspect which will tell you which type of camera works best for your needs. Thus, you will be able to choose the best range for your situation and choose a flash to work with this situation. The good news is that this will represent the perfect opportunity to maximize your potential photo quality as you will know exactly what solution to choose.

Together with a fast response and a complete list of features which include video capabilities, you will be able to set your trail camera up for the best photos. One of the main characteristics of the top trail camera also comes with the user experience. No user wants complicated menus and settings and this can be the area in which the major manufacturers can have an advantage when it comes to offering a solution which is practical for most users.

Lastly, you should not forget that connectivity is the future of trail cameras and you should focus as much as possible to include the new technologies into your shortlist of features for your chosen device. With so many options on the market, having wireless data transfer can represent a top solution for your needs as an advanced user. If you are looking to use multiple trail cameras, you can work with connectivity in-between the devices to maximize all of the potential of hassle-free data transfer.

Best Trail Camera Reviews 2018
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