Moultrie S-50i Game Camera

The Moultrie S-50i Game Camera takes versatility to the next level with features that make scouting for the intrepid hunter easy and flexible. With clear images and videos, sit back and watch the behavior of your trophy deer unfold to help you make quick and calculated decisions for a successful hunt.

Considering the resolution of the camera, the 20 megapixel images ensure clear pictures with little distortion. Moultrie’s cameras keep getting better and better. A high definition 1080p video provides high definition motion images.

The camera also has a swift 0.3 second flash trigger for fast pictures. Whether prey passes by in full flight or just walking through the woods, you can be sure that nothing will cross the camera’s path without detection.

Distance is optimized with the 100 meter flash range. Whether that prize buck is hidden behind trees or bushes, you will be able to monitor his movements as soon as he moves within range. Animals are creatures of habit and the Moultrie S-50i Game Camera will make studying these habits so much easier.

Whether day or night, this camera has you sorted. The iNVISIBLE infrared flash technology takes pictures without any noise or light. The buck will never know what is happening in the vicinity as precious shots are quickly taken even in the dark hours of the night.

Remote monitoring is made possible with the Moultrie S-50i. For optimum surveillance, wireless connectivity helps you view what is happening in the woods while being at a safe distance away.


  • Two year warranty
  • Night time imaging
  • Fast camera trigger system
  • High definition videos
  • Camouflaged outer cover
  • Durable construction
  • Remote monitoring
  • Can take an SD card of up to 32GB


  • Lacks the loops for a locking cable.

Let’s look at a few tips on using the trail camera.

Alkaline Batteries

Hunters might think that using alkaline batteries is okay but the truth is that they are not ideal for trail cameras. With every photo taken, the image quality tends to reduce. The reason for this is whenever the camera trigger is activated, charge on the alkaline batteries goes lower.

This is especially true during cold weather. The chemical composition of the alkaline batteries is easily affected by a drop in temperature. This explains why the clarity of the image gets darker and darker as more photos are taken.

To remedy this problem, the best batteries to use on your trail camera are lithium or nimh batteries. They will provide the charge needed to consistently produce quality images.

Viewing photos on your digital camera

Do not try to view the photos from your game camera through your digital camera as more likely than not you will end up losing valuable data.

While snaps are stored directly on the SD card by the trail camera, inserting the card on your digital camera might cause it to lock resulting in a loss of your photos.

The best option is to use your laptop or computer. You can also use an adapter for viewing through your smart phone.

Moultrie S-50i Game Camera
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