Best Trail Camera Under $150 for 2018

Choosing the Best Trail Camera Under 150 is not complicated. Over the past few years, many brands started to offer this type of cameras which are within the budget and which offer good functionality. The characteristics of the hunting camera are what you need to follow. Since a camera is difficult to judge only by its design, you need to find the right approach to the characteristics of the scouting camera for hunting. While you may not have the highest-performing solution, it is always a good idea to understand how a camera works. Even more, it is recommended that you master essential information such as storage, picture size and quality as well as the distances up to witch your trail camera works.

A trail camera is not very different from a regular camera. But it does come with some unique features. One of these features comes with the detection range. It refers to the maximize distance where your subject is in relation to the camera while the device and where it can still be captured by the sensor. The good news is that there are a few choices for this sensor as well, as most brands offer their own characteristics.

What to look for in the Best Trail Camera?

Choosing the best trail camera needs to follow a few simple principles. The quality of the sensor, the storage options, the ease of use of the design and even the flash range represents a great start to an informed choice.


The sensor is one of the most important characteristics of a game camera. It is the heart of the device where the number and size of the pixels is important for the best performance. The sensor can also ensure better night-time photos and videos and this is why you need to consider the best solution for your trail camera. The best sensor is the same as a regular sensor when it comes to your interaction but it is vastly different when it comes to the final results.

This is why it is always important to work with sensors which are new and which incorporate the best technologies. This means that the sensor also needs to be paired with quality technologies such as a good flash and a great trigger speed. It is also important to know that not all the solutions which come with a goo sensor actually manage to get put it into advantage. Making better choices in terms of trail cameras means that you need to make better choices with sensors as well.

Storage options

The storage options are, most of the times, influenced by the easiest solutions for the camera. Thus, popular options come with SD card compatibility. In many cases, you need to buy the memory card yourself. It may also be worth to know that not all the memory cards have the fastest writing speed. This is why you want to ensure the best performance with the best results, since not all cameras are easy to use and since the fastest memory cards will significantly improve the working speed of the camera.

Since you are looking for the best storage options, you also need to know that you have the ability to work with a design which could, potentially, come with advanced saving options. Thus, it is not unusual to see cameras which don’t stop recording when the memory card is full. For example, they can allow the camera to save the photos further by simply replacing the newest photos with the oldest already saved photos.

While the premium cameras can also come with multiple storage options and compatibility with SD or SDHC memory cards, many devices only offer one storage option. But this can be enough, especially when you are considering smaller sensors. The problem with large sensors with added megapixels is that it is simply more difficult to save the same amount of photos on the same memory card. These sensors produce large files and this is why they need proper functionality and the best overall results when it comes to memory card storage capacity and memory card storage speed.

Ease of Use and Design

The ease of use of the design is also representative for the entire product. This is why so many manufacturers actually started to use solutions which come with a step-by-step approach. Thus, you cn easily configure your camera, making it a great overall user experience.

The functionality of the design is also important. This is why you need a design which is easy to install in the area you need. Thus, you are in the position where even the best sensors can’t be of use if you need to cover a certain area.

Flash Range

It is also important to know that some solutions on the market come with impressive flash ranges. The flash is automatically triggered during the night when the camera detects motion. It is thus essential to find a design which offers the flash support for your camera and which is essential when it comes to good photos.

The range of the flash is variable. This is where you can find that even some advanced options can be limited below the 100 yards mark. The good news is that it is still up to you to decide which range you need. This is basically done by choosing a solution which works for the area you are looking to monitor. But which are the best solutions to consider?

Top 5 Trail Cameras Under $150

Bushnell 24MP Trophy Cam HD

best trail camera under 150The Bushnell 24MP Trophy Cam HD is a great solution for good quality pictures. Its results are based on an impressive 24MP sensor. It is capable of delivering detailed pictures and it also support HD video recording. The top characteristics don’t stop here as if you are looking for a fast performer, it can be a worthy option. This is due to the impressive 0.2 seconds trigger speed. Even more, it comes with a 100 feet detection range and this makes it a good solution when it comes to large open spaces.

If you are looking for a fast camera which comes with an increased number of pixels, it manages to represent a good choice as it comes with an up to date design. Its 24MP sensor is recommended when it comes to low light photos. With a 100 feet detection range, it manages to offer a responsive solution which can be recommended if you are looking to monitor large open spaces or when you need a versatile option for multiple locations.


  • 2 seconds trigger speed
  • 24MP sensor
  • 100 feet detection


  • Recovery speed can be improved

Cuddeback 20MP Long Range IR Infrared Trail Game Hunting Camera

top rated hunting trail camera under 150 dollarsThe Cuddeback 20MP Long Range IR Infrared Trail Game Hunting Camera comes with a great overall performance for users of all level. It is a versatile camera and this can be seen from its Zone Control function. Practically, it offers great results which are worth to consider, especially when you plan to use it for open and small spaces alike. With a 20MP sensor and 100 feet flash range, it is a capable solution for all types of subjects.

The trail camera can represent a great solution when you plan to move its location often. This is where the Zone Control function represents a great starting point and its capabilities recommend it for different type of monitoring in all types of spaces. Even more, the camera comes with the popular infrared technology which powers the flash for distances of up to 100 feet, making it a potent solution to power the night-time photos.


  • 20MP sensor
  • Zone Control function
  • Infrared flash


  • Large files

Browning STRIKE FORCE ELITE BTC5HDE Trail Game Camera

best game camera under $150If you are looking for easy transfer data, the Browning STRIKE FORCE ELITE BTC5HDE Trail Game Camera represents a recommended solution. It comes with USB connectivity and it can represent a major plus if you want reduce hassle when you look for data transfer options. With a 10MP sensor, it can deliver good pictures and HD videos. Thus, with a simple design, it manages to offer a balanced list of features.

If you need a camera with good connectivity in this range, it can offer you the performance you need. Even more, it represents a solid option when it comes to viewing images as it comes with the built-in TV out port. Made for easy connectivity, the camera manages to offer impressive functionality which can recommend it among the best solutions on the market.


  • 10MP sensor
  • USB connectivity
  • TV out


  • 55 feet detection range

Stealth Cam 14.0 Megapixel 45 No-Glo IR Trail Camera

top hunting scouting camera under 150The Stealth Cam 14.0 Megapixel 45 No-Glo IR Trail Camera is an energy-efficient fast camera. Its 14MP powers great photos and videos during the day and during the night. Even more, with the fast 0.5 seconds trigger speed, it represents a solid solution for any type of subject. Its No-Glo infrared emitters work with distances of up to 100 feet, making it a worthy option for coverage as well.

There are many reasons to see a fast camera as a good option. But with a 0.5 seconds trigger speed, it manages to offer clear images with your subject or subjects even during the night. For this purpose, its low-profile flash recommends it for the ultimate photos which are of great detail up to 100 feet.


  • 14MP sensor
  • 100 No-Glo infrared flash
  • 5 seconds trigger speed


  • Connectivity can be improved

Bestguarder Game Life Sercurty Wildlife Digital Camera

best wildlife camera under 150The Bestguarder Game Life Sercurty Wildlife Digital Camera is a waterproof camera which is great for durability. Made with good sealing, it is capable to work in all weather conditions. Even more, the camera comes with a TFT screen which makes it easy to operate for any type of user. Based on a 12MP HD sensor, it manages to offer clear pictures in any type of light.

The wildlife camera thus manages to offer a great start when it comes to seeing detailed pictures of your subjects. Made with a robust design which is based on good weather sealing, it manages to offer a good response to some of the popular brands on the market with its complete design. Even more, the HD images make it an up to date solution which can be easy to work with for many users.


  • TFT screen
  • 12MP sensor
  • HD images


  • 75 flash range


The Best Trail Camera Under $150 thus has to follow a few basic characteristics. These characteristics are essential when it comes to making an informed decision. Even more, it is worth to consider that not all cameras are actually made with the best characteristics, even if they offer good functionality.

This is why the Bushnell 24MP Trophy Cam HD No Glow Trail Camera (CHECK BEST PRICE HERE) is the best solution for most users. It comes with a responsive design as it manages to offer a clear solution for many types of pictures you might need during the day or during the night. With its impressive 0.2 seconds trigger speed, it manages to impress even the most advanced users who might be used to some responsive solutions. Even more, its long range flash which covers distances of up to 100 feet recommends it when it comes to large open spaces.

The camera is one of the few solutions which offer the right balance between a modern sensor with good pixel density and a fast trigger speed. This is why it is recommended when it comes to all types of subjects as it manages to impress with its great responsiveness. It is actually hard to match in its class and given its modern sensor, it is actually a solution which can also be seen as a future-proof choice. With such up to date characteristics, you won’t need to update it anytime soon and this means it is a good investment which can be used in different locations with different purposes even for years to come.

Best Trail Camera Under $150 in 2018
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